Research projects – Completed

In a national, pan-European, but also international field, our members have the opportunity to collaborate with universities, distinguished IT companies and research centres inside and outside Greece for the creation and implementation of innovative information systems and software mechanisms. We represent years of experience and innovation in IT & telecommunications projects funded by the European Union.

Research projects in which we had the opportunity to contribute, as well as lead, are presented here:


BigDataStack delivers a complete high-performant stack of technologies addressing the emerging needs of data operations and applications. The stack is based on a frontrunner infrastructure management system that drives decisions according to data aspects thus being fully scalable, runtime adaptable and performant for big data operations and data-intensive applications.


CrowdHEALTH is delivering a secure ICT platform to collect and aggregate high volumes health data from multiple information sources in Europe. CrowdHEALTH also proposes the evolution of patient health records (PHR)towards Holistic Health Records (HHRs) enriched to become “Social HHRs”to capture the clinical, social and human factors.


The vision of MATILDA is to design and implement a holistic 5G end-to-end services operational framework tackling the lifecycle of design, development and orchestration of 5G-ready applications and 5G network services over programmable infrastructure, following a unified programmability model and a set of control abstractions.


5GTANGO is a 5GPPP Phase2 Innovation Action that enables the flexible programmability of 5G networks with: a) an NFV-enabled Service Development Kit (SDK); b) a Store platform with advanced validation and verification mechanisms for VNFs/Network Services qualification (including 3rd party contributions); and, c) a modular Service Platform with an innovative orchestrator in order to bridge the gap between business needs and network operational management systems.


ATMOSPHERE aims to design and implement a framework and platform relying on lightweight virtualization, hybrid resources and Europe and Brazil federated infrastructures to develop, build, deploy, measure and evolve trustworthy, cloud-enabled applications.


Monitoring, assessing, digitising and surveying Cultural Heritage (CH) assets are the most salient research actions in the respective scientific and technological area. This assists conservators to evaluate how conservation interventions affect an asset or how materials decay through time. In addition, the involvement of many and different players in the CH community, each having different requirements and needs, makes the delivery of the same scale of the digital counterpart insufficient let alone non-affordable and time consuming.