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BigDataStack introduces a pioneering technique for seamless analytics which analyses data in a holistic fashion across multiple data stores and locations, handling analytics on both data in flight and at rest. Complemented with an innovative CEP running in federated environments for real-time, cross-stream processing, predictive algorithms and process mining, BigDataStack offers a complete suite for big data analytics.
BigDataStack holistic solution incorporates approaches for data-focused application analysis and dimensioning, and process modelling towards increased performance, agility and efficiency. A toolkit allowing the specification of analytics tasks in a declarative way, their integration in the data path, as well as an adaptive visualization environment, realize BigDataStack’s vision of openness and extensibility

Start date: 01/01/2018
Duration: 36 months

Team Contributions

Project Coordination
WP5 – T5.3: Automated algorithm selection and hyperparameter tuning for a dataset at hand.
Predictive algorithms for air-traffic management, maritime and proximity marketing: Exploit the knowledge gained in these domains, apply it to the corresponding BigDataStack use cases and extend the algorithms to make them parallel and incremental. WP3 – T3.5: Monitoring, Establishment of metrics collections method from the infrastructure, data transaction and applications. The so-called Triple monitoring engine aggregate metrics collected and exposes them for consumtion and analysis.