Jean-Didier Totow Tom-ata

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Affiliation Research Associate
TitlePhD Candidate
Expertise Data-driven infrastructure, Distributed Systems, Machine Learning, Advanced Information Systems, Cloud Application Architecture

Short CV

Jean-Didier Totow is a PhD candidate in cloud computing. After his undergraduate degree at the Department of Digital Systems of the University of Piraeus, he continued his studies in the same department with a master’s degree in advanced information systems. From 2018 until today, Jean-Didier works on distributed infrastructure where he develops solutions for improving performance and predicting application’s workload.

Personal Research Topics

Application performance and prediction of application’s workload on cloud and edge environment

The study consists of analyzing application performance model using static and dynamic assets and predicting applications’ workload on Cloud/Edge. The combination of both concepts enable application’s real-time adaptation rectively and proactively.

Research Projects

Scientific Publications

Conference Articles

  1. Totow, A., Kyriazis, A. (2020 November), Real-time adaptable resource allocation for distributed data-intensive applications over cloud and edge environments, 9th IEEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CLOUD COMPUTING IN EMERGING MARKETS, EasyChair Preprint No 4459