The Road to the Future of Healthcare: Transmitting Interoperable Healthcare Data Through a 5G Based Communication Platform



Current devices and sensors have revolutionized our daily lives, with the healthcare domain exploring and adapting new technologies. The rapid explosion of digital healthcare happened with the help of current 4G LTE technologies including innovations such as the continuous monitoring of patient vitals, teleporting doctors to a virtual environment or leveraging Artificial Intelligence to generate new medical insights. The arised problem is that current 4G LTE based communication platforms will not be able to keep up with the exploding connectivity demands. This is where the new 5G technology comes, expected to support ultra-reliable, low-latency and massive data communications. In this paper, an end-to-end approach is being provided in the healthcare domain for gathering medical data, anonymizing it, cleaning it, making it interoperable, and finally storing it through 5G network technologies, for their transmission to a different location, supporting real-time results and decision-making

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