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STAR is a joint effort of AI and digital manufacturing experts towards enabling the deployment of standard-based secure, safe reliable and trusted human centric AI systems in real-life manufacturing environments. STAR will research, develop, validate and make available to the AI and Industry4.0 communities novel technologies that will enable AI systems to acquire knowledge in order to take timely and safe decisions in dynamic and unpredictable environments. Moreover, the project will research and provide technologies that will enable AI systems to confront sophisticated adversaries and to remain robust against security attacks. In this way STAR’s solutions will eliminate security and safety barriers against deploying sophisticated AI systems in real-life production lines. The project’s results will be fully integrated into existing EU-wide Industry4.0 and AI initiatives (notably EFFRA and AI4EU), as a means of enabling researchers and the European industry to deploy and fully leverage advanced AI solutions in manufacturing lines.

Start date: 1/1/20212
Duration: 36 months

Team Contributions

Group members focus on defining the vision and specifications for safe and human centric AI in manufacturing. DAC Group leads the requirements and state of the art analysis on eliciting, collecting and analysing requirements regarding safe, secure and human centered AI in manufacturing environments. Additionally, DAC Group leads research on explainable AI (XAI) exploring different XAI techniques for Deep Neural Networks (DNNs), while also researching and implementing the concept of simulated reality (SR) in order to enable AI systems to operate in dynamic, unstructured and mostly unpredictable environments.