Panagiotis Koulouris

AffiliationResearch Associate
TitleUndergraduate Researcher
ExpertiseCloud Computing Infrastructure Management

Short CV

Panagiotis Koulouris studied at Democritus University (Polytechnic Department) in Xanthi.
He obtained a BSc & MSc from the electrical and Computer engineering Department/ School
in 2008.
Since 2004, he has been working as an electrical and computer engineer and collaborating
with a number of companies in the field and on several multidimensional projects. More
specific, he has worked for companies like Sunlight Systems, Forthnet, Cantreva, AKTOR
ATE, ERGOMIA, General Electric, ELGEK on a variety of different projects (e.g. PV
Installations, Electrical Installations, and Installations of Heating – Cooling – Air Conditioning
Systems, Safety, Maintenance, data analytics, etc.) that has been successfully
accomplished/ delivered on-time, within scope and budget. Through this valuable experience
in many sectors, he has formed a diversified portfolio of abilities, a multi-level portfolio of
skills that has been enriched with data analysis skills and application of machine learning
techniques in the field of energy. Recently, is enthousiast about the potential of machine
learning and deep learning based non-intrusive load monitoring (NILM). NILM method used
to monitor the energy profile of a domestic building and disaggregate the total power
consumption into consumption signals by appliance based on data driven and AI models.

Personal Research Topics

Data-driven technology infrastructures for managing and developing big data applications

Data-centric resource management systems that are fully efficient and optimized for data operations, managing resources according to data-oriented decisions.

Research Projects

Scientific Publications