Filippos Mavrepis

AffiliationResearch Associate
TitleMSc Researcher
ExpertiseMachine Learning, Data Science, Big Data

Short CV

Philip Mavrepis (male) is currently on track for a MsC degree on Data Science and Machine Learning at National Technical University of Athens, Greece. Before that, he graduated with first class honours from the department of Digital Systems at University of Piraeus. He participates in several EU research projects (currently in Cybele project) in the area of Big Data and Machine learning, focusing on implementing multiple Machine/Deep learning algorithms for a variety of different scenarios. His research interests span the areas of big data management, machine learning, deep learning, data mining, and predictive analytics as well as natural language processing.

Personal Research Topics

Applied Machine/ Deep/ Reinforcement learning

Application and implementation of algorithms to provide data-driven solutions based on specific problems.

Research Projects

Scientific Publications

Conference Articles

  1. Makridis, G., Mavrepis, P., Kyriazis, D., Polychronou, I., & Kaloudis, S. (2020, October). Enhanced Food Safety Through Deep Learning for Food Recalls Prediction. In International Conference on Discovery Science (pp. 566-580). Springer, Cham.