Holistic Health Records towards Personalized Healthcare



Current healthcare systems include platforms that provide data not linked to each other. However, linking clinical information to other people’s life data would be beneficial in understanding the effects of prevention strategies, and diseases. More specifically, in a context with several data sources, setting of a baseline allowing the aggregation of information, avoiding ambiguities, is crucial. This manuscript presents the Holistic Health Records (HHRs), as health records that intend to provide a complete picture of a patient, including all health determinants. This data may be produced by different systems at different times of the patient’s life, including data related to regular patientcare and non-medical data that may affect the patient’s state of health. Many standards have been defined with this purpose, with HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) being mostly tailored to the current needs. Hence, the HHR model based on HL7 FHIR has been designed, representing information about persons, their roles, their healthcare organizations, diagnosis and clinical findings of the patients, among others. The HHR model aims on guaranteeing interoperability and being implemented on top of existing FHIR libraries and is also intended to be usable independently from FHIR and applicable for different purposes than only exchanging health data

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