Chrysostomos Symvoulidis

AffiliationResearch Associate
TitlePhD Candidate
ExpetiseMachine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, AI Explainability

Short CV

Chrysostomos Symvoulidis is a research associate and PhD candidate at the University of Piraeus (Department of Digital Systems). He received his degree from the Department of Digital Systems of the University of Piraeus in 2016 and his Master’s Degree in “Big Data and Analytics” in 2018 from the University of Piraeus. His research interests include artificial intelligence, data analysis and the interpretation of machine learning algorithms. Since 2017, he is a member of the Data & Cloud laboratory team under the supervision of Associate Professor Mr. Dimosthenis Kyriazis, where he participated in many EU-funded projects such as MATILDA, BigDataStack and InteropEHRate.

Personal Research Topics

Dynamic Complex Event Processing (CEP) system using Machine Learning methods for optimal 5G-enabled services deployment

A complex event processing engine (CEP), enriched with Machine Learning capabilities, so that it is fully adapted to its environment, as a solution for monitoring component applications running on 5G infrastructure. The mechanism uses the Incremental DBSCAN algorithm to determine the normal behavior of developing services and to adapt accordingly.

Research Projects

Scientific Publications

Journal Articles

  1. Symvoulidis, C., Marinos, G., Kiourtis, A., Mavrogiorgou, A., Kyriazis, D. (2022, April). HealthFetch: An Influence-Based, Context-Aware Prefetch Scheme in Citizen-Centered Health Storage Clouds, In Future Internet Journal, MDPI.

Conference Articles

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  3. Marinos, G., Symvoulidis, C., & Kyriazis, D. (2021, December). MICSurv: Medical Image Clustering for Survival risk group identification, In 2021 4th International Conference on Bio-Engineering for Smart Technologies (BioSMART) (pp. 1-4), IEEE.
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