Capturing the Reliability of Unknown Devices in the IoT World

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More than 50 billion devices are expected to be internet enabled by 2020, ranging from wearable devices to sensors monitoring industrial processes. As a result, emerging back-end support technologies not only have to anticipate this dramatic increase in connected devices, but also the heterogeneity and the reliability of these devices that are of major importance. For that purpose, this paper proposes an innovative mechanism for recognizing, connecting all these devices of both known and unknown nature, and capturing their reliability, so as to finally consider whether they will be considered as reliable or not, and thus their data will be kept for further analysis. In this context, in this mechanism four (4) discrete stages are implemented, facilitating the devices recognition accompanied with their specifications classification, and their reliability estimation and validation, whose combination makes finally feasible the manipulation of these devices and the estimation of their overall reliability levels

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