An Integrated SLA Management Framework in a 5G Environment



A key feature of fifth generation (5G) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) is the assurance of high levels of the quality of service (QoS). To this end, Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are introduced in order to fulfill the gap between network operators and their customers. An SLA is a contract between the operator and the internal or external customer, which determines what Network Services (NSs) are offered and the guaranteed level of performance. Taking into consideration the above-mentioned needs, in this paper, we are introducing a fully integrated SLA management framework in a real 5G environment. In this demonstration we aim to bind business requirements as Service Level Objectives (SLOs) between network operators and the customers, with measurable recourse attributes. To achieve this, we allow network operators to choose between different SLOs during the SLA Template generation, and then automatically formulate an Agreement, based on each network slice instantiation and the corresponding NS. Finally, we provide a monitoring system in order to detect and alert for any violations.

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