Towards the identification of context in 5G infrastructures

digital 5g fifth generation technology background design


The evolution of communication networks, bringing the fifth generation (5G) of mobile communications in the foreground, gives the vertical industries opportunities that were not possible until now. Flexible network and computing infrastructure management can be achieved, hence bringing more freedom to the service providers, to maximize the performance of their computing resources. Still, challenges regarding the orchestration of these resources may arise. For this reason, an engine that can recognize possible factors that might affect the use of these resources and come up with solutions when needed in real-time, is required. In this paper, we present a novel Complex Event Processing engine that is enriched with Machine Learning capabilities in order to be fully adaptive to its environment, as a solution for monitoring application components deployed in 5G infrastructures. The proposed engine utilizes Incremental DBSCAN to identify the normal behavior of the deployed services and adjust the rules accordingly.

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