Healthcare Provision in the Cloud – An EHR Object Store-based Cloud Used for Emergency



EHR Cloud architectures have come a long way within the last years, giving the ability to individuals to store their healthcare data in the cloud, thus being accessible at all times. Though Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Personal Health Records (PHR) sharing technologies have been developed over the last decades, and a lot of the attention is given on the exchange of healthcare data between organizations and healthcare institutions, less emphasis has been put in the services regarding the exchange of such data between individuals and healthcare professionals and the issues that this gap creates are yet to be answered. To this end, in this paper, we introduce an EHR Cloud-based system that utilizes an Object Storage architecture to store healthcare data, and provides the ability to authenticated healthcare professionals to gain access if needed during an emergency, in an automated yet secure way, for accelerated health services provision. The proposed approach is evaluated and the results are presented in order to justify the rationale behind its design.

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