Exploring the Complete Data Path for Data Interoperability in Cyber-Physical Systems



The amount of digital information increases tenfold every year, due to the exponential increase of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), real and virtual internet-connected sources. Most researches are focused on data processing and inter-connection fields, leading to the question concerning the interoperable utilization of data: if data is efficiently processed, how can unknown data be utilized in a different nature’s application? A three-stepped approach is being presented addressing this question, where following the data-lifecycle, a known CPS’ dataset is firstly stored into Domain-Specific language, then it gets translated into Domain-Agnostic language, and finally, using the Fitting Function of an ANN, it is being compared with an unknown dataset, resulting to the translation of the unknown dataset into the first dataset’s domain. A scenario of that approach is provided, analysing the data interoperability challenges and needs, emerging from today’s Internet of Everything evolution, studying the fields of data annotation, semantics, modelling, and characterization

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