An Innovative eHealth System Powered By 5G Network Slicing



In recent years, there has been a lot of focus on how medical and health monitoring devices, clinical wearables and remote sensors can contribute to patients and healthcare systems. The fifth generation of mobile networks and solutions promises low latency as well as high bandwidth and reliability, parameters that are highly demanded in order to support the needs of advanced healthcare. It is undeniable that what is needed is the transformation of the healthcare providers-patients relationship, by integrating rich-media communications into medical care. A key challenge though, it the amount of medical data and the way they are transmitted and processed. The different formats, rates and size of datasets, are continuously increasing, raising up the need for an e-health system that would be smart and efficient. At the same time, it should incorporate and facilitate the requirements of approaches that aim at analyzing the medical data, towards efficient healthcare. Taking advantage of the emerging 5G capabilities, network slicing has been envisioned as a promising solution on the heterogeneous medical data requirements and their diverse constraints. In this paper we propose an innovative eHealth system powered by 5G network slicing, in order to meet the requirements for the establishment of an efficient network with high capacity. In this context, healthcare data are collected and managed, inside isolated slices for the generation of holistic patients view, while increasing the awareness, concerning patients’ health

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